Shining streets PUMA YoYo Shoes Black White-Little Blue

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Shining streets Ferrari Future Cat M1 Shoes Black/Sliver

Puma CEO Bjorn A Senna and the golden contract very satisfied, Goulden said: "Puma is entering a new era, for us, A Senna has a huge market and business opportunities, through this contract, Puma is expected to enhance the worldwide influence, become a global sports brand." Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis said: "I am very happy to cooperate with Puma, Puma made history in the football field for Arsenal is an important step."

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In terms of sales, PUMA adopted a limited release strategy, the value of PUMA products to another level. For example: PUMA THRIFT altogether produced only 510 pairs, the natural purchaser in droves. Nowadays, most of PUMA's high-end sports shoes can only be bought at some special PUMA stores. So, want to get these shoes PUMA, have a lot of hard work! With this strategy, PUMA's products can always maintain a cult of enthusiasm.

Shining streets PUMA YoYo Shoes Black White-Little Blue